Full published article Effects of Reiki Treatment on Anxiety and Depression

This study examined the effects of three Reiki treatments on levels of anxiety and depression. Results indicated a decrease in anxiety and depression of approximately 10%, which remained stable after 30 days.


The prevalence of anxiety disorder and depression are alarming and escalating worldwide. Reiki, a vibrational or subtle energy therapy, is believed to aid the body’s innate ability to regain balance and wellness and therefore may prove invaluable in reducing anxiety disorder and depression.


This randomized, controlled study examined the effects of Reiki on anxiety and depression.

Design and Setting:

From June to October, 2008, seventy-six individuals were randomly divided into two groups, Treatment Group1 (n=39) and Treatment Group 2 (n=37)   All participants completed three weekly Reiki treatments given by the Principal Investigator in the office of the Principal Investigator.


Participants were a sample of convenience, from the general population.

Outcome Measures:

The State-Trait Anxiety Inventory; and Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale provided data on two types of anxiety (state and trait) and depression. While both groups received Reiki treatments, the timing and data collection points differed for each.

Group 1:

First data collection occurred at initial meeting, immediately before starting 3 weekly treatments, second, on completion of treatments, and third, 30 days after final treatment.

Group 2:

First data collection occurred at initial meeting, then, after a three week waiting period, the second collection occurred before treatments were started.  The third data collection point was 30 days after final treatment.


There were statistically-significant levels of improvement in all three measures in Group 1: State Anxiety, Trait Anxiety and Depression from Baseline to In Group 2 change in State Anxiety was not significant for time, however, changes in both Trait Anxiety and Depression

Findings indicate approximately 10% reduction in State Anxiety, Trait Anxiety and Depression after completion of the three Reiki treatments. These reductions were maintained at the 30-day Post-Intervention measure.


Reiki, subtle energy–therapy, vibrational energy therapy, state anxiety, trait anxiety, depression.


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